Acoustic Pop Guitar

In addition to all the folk, gypsy, world music guitar styles . . . Douje also loves to play, write and perform straight ahead pop music. Not just any pop music of course.  Great pop music. Music that barters in pure emotion.  Here is the first in a series of videos I’ll make to demonstrate and explain the hybrid styles I’ve  designed . . .  combining Flamenco, gypsy jazz, world and acoustic pop guitar styles.

Acoustic Pop Guitar Styles - by Douje

Why I Love Playing Acoustic Pop Guitar Music

After spending 2 decades playing complicated, nerdy, ‘intellectual’ music, I was  left with a yearning to play music with more of an emotion resonance that could create elucidate and create a deeper connection with my audience.  Because for me, this is the essence of what it means to be to experience a human existence. It’s essence is not the lofty intellectual achievements of the modern mind, incredible as they are . . . but the raw emotion of what it means to be a feeling human being on earth.  This is why everyone in the world loves and relates to music and this is what I strive to create through playing acoustic pop guitar.