I’m Douglas Smolens . AKA – EL DOUJE

I’m a Guitarist mostly, and also a Music Producer, Teacher and Web Designer.

Douje is my stage name and sometimes alter ego (real name – Douglas Smolens). You can find out more than you’ve ever wanted to know about me in these web pages.

Recorded Music

Explore the many, diverse albums that Douje has written and recorded on.

Music Marketing Guru

I’ve used my 20+ years experience in the music business to publish the Music Marketing Guru’s Complete guide to Indie Music Marketing.

Live Music

Douje performs live in any number of different combinations. From solo all the way up to a big band.

Guitar Lessons

Douje does teach music to a select number of students. . . guitar, theory, technique, drums and music production. Do you have what it takes?

Web Design & Development

I’m do Web Design & Development at Visualab Media & Design in Los Angeles, CA. Check out my work at the link below.

About . DOUJE

Douje is the stage name and perhaps alter-ego of Douglas Smolens . . . .  guitarist, writer of songs and scripts, producer of music and dreams. Find out more than you’ve ever wanted to know about Douje right here.  Stalkers, this would be a good place to start.

Douglas Smolens, known by the stage name Douje,  is a guitarist, writer and producer living in Los Angeles, CA. Currently, the project that occupies most of his time and energy is performing, writing and producing with the world music band, Fishtank Ensemble, of which he is a founding member and The ground breaking hip hop group Boom Clique. In 2014, Fishtank Ensemble released of their 4th album, ‘Edge of the World’.


front-cover-EOTWweb 3

Fishtank Ensemble – Edge of the World


Boom Click – Hip Hop with Real Musicians

cover art1

Fishtank Ensemble – Woman in Sin

CD Cover

Fishtank Ensemble – Samurai Over Serbia

* Super Raoul Cover Art

Fishtank Ensemble – Super Raoul

Worlds Collide Cover

Douje – Worlds Collide – Techno Flamenco

Douje . Guitarist

More info about . DOUJE

When not on tour or otherwise making music, Douje devotes his time to teaching, working on his course ‘Music Marketing Guru’, hiking in the hollywood hills and running Sound Colony Music, a boutique music publishing company that represents a hand-selected catalog of excellent independent artists working to get their music into movies, TV and advertising.


These days, Douje spends time teaching and performing around Los Angeles as well as working on upcoming releases for Honey Beatz Records. They plan on releasing a single every month starting in early 2014. If you are interested in guitar lessons with douje, please use the contact form to get in touch.


Fishtank Ensemble - Woman in Sin
Gypsy Guitar Styles - by Douje
Acoustic Pop Guitar Styles - by Douje